Green New Deal Create-a-thon

What's a Create-a-thon?

In a Create-a-thon, writers, artists, videographers, developers, musicians, and other creatives come together with policy experts and political strategists over a weekend to connect, brainstorm, and quickly prototype new, collaborative projects around a focused goal.

Friday evening, we set the table with a few framing conversations and a series of one-minute project pitches around which small teams are built. Saturday morning, teams hit the ground running. By Sunday afternoon, you’re ready to present results — whether that’s a finished video, photos of a completed action, or a prototype and proposal for a larger ongoing initiative.

Kickstarting the Culture-Shift We Need

The Green New Deal Create-a-thon will be a launchpad for projects with a cultural focus, exploring creative and outside-the-box ways to get folks talking, thinking, and dreaming about how a Green New Deal could transition California and the nation into a society where everyone can thrive.

Ideas might include WPA-style art projects, a suite of meme graphics, a Green New Deal-themed board game, social media stunts, viral videos, creative ad campaigns, guerrilla marketing tactics, and more. The more the policy can capture our collective imagination, the more momentum we build for making it a reality.

The Create-a-thon is both a laboratory and an incubator. At the end of the weekend, after presenting your work, project teams will have the chance to discuss whether to carry their projects forward beyond the Create-a-thon. We are engaging partner organizations keen to pitch in — either financially or through amplification on social media — to help promising new projects get to the next level.

Event Details

The Green New Deal Create-a-thon is jointly organized by, Beautiful Trouble, and Universal Income Project. It will begin the evening of March 15th at Citizen Engagement Lab in downtown Oakland and is a weekend-long event:

  • Friday, 6pm: Kick-off, project pitches, team forming
  • Saturday, 9am: Teams do project work all day
  • Sunday, 9am: Project work until presentations at 2pm

A top priority is ensuring diversity amongst attendees. We’ll be providing all meals during the Create-a-thon, offering onsite childcare, and giving financial support to those with limited financial means who are interested in attending.

What's Your Project Idea?

What ideas do you have for culture-shifting projects around the Green New Deal? Use our online ideation tool to post your idea, see what others are thinking about, and engage in collaborative brainstorming.


Who Should Participate?

You! If you’re a creative or a political, come play with us March 15-17 in Oakland. Bring your own culture-shifting idea to pitch. Or just bring your talents, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Register for the Create-a-thon using the form below. Tickets are $25, but if the registration fee is out of your budget, email, and we’ll take care of it.

Partners & Sponsors

The Green New Deal Create-a-thon would not be possible without the involvement and support from our partners and sponsors.

Partner Organizations


Get In Touch

Have questions about the Create-a-thon, or want to help sponsor the event? You can reach us at